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Our Main Services

Hedge Money provides foreign currency exchange related services such as sale and purchase of forex products, private overseas remittances (international money transfers). All of our transactions are fulfilled either through our own locations or through branches of our partner banks and exchange companies.

Using Hedge Money, customers can buy pre-paid forex (travel) cards, currency notes, traveler’s cheques or send a remittance using either demand drafts or wire transfers. Orders can even be door delivered provided the location servicing your order accepts door delivery requests. All orders are processed at Hedge Money rates, which are extremely competitive and better than most banks’ and money changers rates. Our rates are also better than the ones that you’ll get if you were to visit one of our partners directly.

Most recommended and safest form of carrying currency nowadays are Prepaid Travel Cards because they are pin protected, have configurable spending limits and are fully replaceable in case lost or stolen.

Inward Money transfer

Indian’s living abroad may send money to their family members living in India through International money transfer companies, for this purpose the company has tied up with world’s leading companies. With a presence in more than 200 countries, people can send and receive money in just a few minutes. Transactions are electronically remitted through a central server and generated through software which is absolutely safe and easy to use. Convenient, for receiving money in India, the receiver has to fill up a form (TRM). From these companies, a person do not need to open a bank account if the transaction is less than Rs 50000/-. The receiver will be required to submit a valid photo identification to receive money and is more convenient than any bank.We are also deals in Domestic money transfer(DMT) like people sending money from one city to other city one bank to other bank and also from India to Nepal.

People can also Receive money through us  in India through Western Union Money Transfer,Moneygram,Ria Money Transfer,Transfast,Xpress Money .

Foreign Exchange: Sale and Purchase of Foreign Currency notes ,Forex Multicurrency Card.

Outward Remittance: We also send the Education fee to the universities  for students who are going abroad for study,also we send the living expenses of the student studying abroad, and maintenance to the close relatives.


Hedge money is one of the Leading Travel Operator in India provides travel packages,hotel bookings and air ticketings. Our Unique Selling Points lies in our panel of tour experts, our focus on superlative quality at unmatched prices, our excellent network and our immense goodwill.We  are also the best tour operator , selling tour packages for the locations  with in India and out of India(Singapore,Malesyia,Indonesia,Dubai,Thailand,Srilanka. We also a Visa councilor for Tourist and Immigration Visa,


Money transfer service being provided by Hedge money in association with Money transfer companies as per the license issued by RBI, The condition prescribed by RBI in this regard is strictly followed by the companies, KYC and other required documents are dully completed with holiday1

Outward Remittance

Whether remittance is towards royalty payment or dividend payouts, agency commission, ECB repayments, etc. you can rely on Hedge Money, one of the best currency exchange company in Chandigarh and Tricity for timely payment to the beneficiary. Subject to prevailing regulations, with Hedge Money’s state-of-the-art technology and tie-ups with banks you can Transfer Money Overseas through wire transfer (TT).

Demand Draft

Demand draft is a very easy and convenient system for sending money abroad. These are issued in the favor of beneficiary and individual, a company or any other establishment. Demand drafts are very secure payment instrument and guarantee the availability of funds since a bank issues them. Demand draft transactions require the customer to enter the beneficiary’s personal details.

Wire Transfer (TT)

Wire Transfers are also a very common method of remitting money overseas. Using this method, the funds can be transferred electronically to a foreign bank account. International wire transfers are processed using the SWIFT protocol and require the customer to enter the beneficiary’s personal details and bank details (bank name, routing number and account number).

We are  also a Student consultant in study abroad ,arranging admissions to the  student going for study abroad.